6 Best Whale Watching Places in Sydney

Whale watching season in Sydney is a great reason for you to get on the winter woollies, get out of the house and head to the coast. There are numerous vantage points all along Sydney’s coastline but we’ve chosen the six best, most easily accessible and dramatic places to watch whales in Sydney. If you’ve […]

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3 Brilliant Tips for Packing to Hike Overseas

When your dream of hiking the lush green Milford Track, walking the Tour du Mont Blanc or trekking a section of the Pacific Crest Trail comes true, there’s that other reality; that you’re not ‘just a hiker’, you’re a traveller who wants to experience it all. The reality is you’re jumping on a plane to […]

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Wedding Cake Rock Closed

The fence is staying. There will be no more access to ‪Wedding Cake Rock‬. Ever again. The drone footage shows why. It’s been a favourite of ours for years, but since becoming a hashtag phenomenon on social media, the number of people visiting the site has exploded – bringing its safety into question with NSW […]

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Tips for Whale Watching Season Sydney

The whale watching season in Sydney is between May and November each year but some times are better than others to increase your chances of seeing whales. We’ve been walking Sydney’s coastline for years, so here are our tips on how to take advantage of nature to get the best out of your whale watching […]

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Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Jan 2015

The most beautiful places can only be reached on foot

Georgia, Gold practice hike
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My Year Without Matches

When your whole world is centrifugal chaos and you’re being spun so fast your head is about to separate from your body, you think “I need to get away”. “I need a holiday”. Well, imagine that holiday is a year-long quest for survival on a bushland property miles away from anywhere. First, build a permanent […]

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Tips for Hiking in the Rain

Check the weather forecast. Rain. Do you a) hide indoors and dust the top of your kitchen cupboards OR b) greedily choose to have stunning bushwalking tracks all to yourself, see more wildlife than usual, stare in amazement at the trickles and waterfalls you never thought possible? The more awesome option b) means facing the […]

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Walking from Opera House to Manly

Sydney turned on a gorgeous day for the Walk for Kids with Cancer and together the 421 walkers raised nearly $125,000 for The Cancer Centre at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. This charity walk was a great success and smashed the fundraising goal of $80,000.   Our Family Team   Our team met at the […]

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We’re designing a membership program to reward loyal hikers who love exploring Sydney’s national parks. Here’s your chance to let us know exactly what you want. To stay in touch and be one of the first to hear about the new membership program, sign up to our newsletter. Have your say by taking this survey (and thank […]

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Notes from an Adventurous Journey

The Essentials: Level: Silver and Gold Route: Great North Walk – Hornsby to Cowan / Brooklyn Date: 22nd – 25th January 2015 Who hiked: Open hike – 24 participants, 2 Supervisors By: Ian Wells, Duke of Ed Supervisor   Day 1 Hornsby Station to Crosslands It’s always a good start to a Duke of Edinburgh […]

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